its a free server. think about that. Even if they make millions of money on this, they still have to pay their staffs, their rents, the computers, the whatever it is to keep the game FREE for ALL players to play. Just an insight.

Oh yeah, not disputing that. It’s a valid point and I’m glad you brought that up. In any business, you have to get new customers and work to keep the customers you already have. 
Many businesses actually suck at keeping old customers but are great at attracting new ones. Riot is one of them. 
The number of people I’ve seen quit LoL is appalling. Yes, the community is shit, and I’m not going to blame Riot for all of it, but I’m certainly going to blame them for a tiny part of it. The Tribunal was a great solution to cleaning up the place because it gives the community a better choice of who they want to play with. 
What I don’t see is any kind of way to find out what the community wants to play. Or rather, how they want to play.
What I’m trying to say is, I’d like my game to be improved through actual work, not simply distracting the community with shiny new things. I like most of the shiny new things, but there’s so much the game lacks that they need to put what little amount of money they have towards instead.
Like I say, a valid point you raise and I do agree with you 

Hello, I see you play League of Legends. You must be a new player. It's been Riot's "thing" to come out with a new champion every 2-3 weeks. The veterans of league appreciate the consistency. The introduction of new characters is something we've always liked. I'm sorry for complaining to you about this, I've been seeing so many people bitch about new champions, and it's annoying. As for chat breaking every week? That's your own shitty internet. Stop.

I’ve been playing quite some time now. I understand where you’re coming from. It’s actually been pretty inconsistent with the new champions in my, and others opinions. I have no issue with the concepts of new champs, in fact I like them, I just wish there was a little more they really did with what they already have. Like, the new recall animations. We have very few champs that now have their own unique recall animations, they look great and add a bit more character to your champion. Why not simply add that tiny animation to every other champion? This is a relatively small cosmetic change that in my opinion would be nice.
I think one of my bigger issues with new champs is there’s not enough hype. I don’t see everybody getting excited about new champs and it’s Riot’s fault. I personally was very excited about Zyra, but I had no interest for any others of the recent ten except Lulu and Varus. I just think they could do a little more.
You must be very lucky with your chat, because I think about 15 (that’s a rough estimate) experience a problem with their chat not working the way it should be on a regular basis. It gets to be a pain when you’re trying to organize games.
I appreciate you taking time to write this though, and I do respect your opinion 

You know what we need to do guys?

We need to bring out a champion, and as soon as they come out, bring out yet another champion. We can just keep churning out champion after champion over a short period of time so we look like we’re trying really hard at keeping this game awesome. 

We can forget that we’ve already got 100 champs, and that even though we continue to bring out new champions, people stick with the older ones because they actually went through careful planning and thinking about.

The best solution to making this game better is to simply just make tons of champions that are rehashes of old champions, in the hopes that people will play them instead.
Forget the fact that our client sucks. Forget the fact that the chat system breaks on people at least once a week. Forget that there’s problems in the community that we should address. Let’s just dazzle the people with what’s new and shiny.


She plays like Heimerdinger. In fact I’m pretty sure Riot just said “we need a hot girl version of Heimerdinger” and made her.
I can’t believe I’ve just bought another Heimerdinger…
I like her, don’t get me wrong, she’s fun to play and fits with what I like playing. She’s just way too similar 


apparently not playing LoL for a week makes you have to relearn everything about the game…
Seriously, I’m not doing so great. I guess this means I’ll have to play even more… oh well…

I am playing as Veigar!

So no, that shit is not a kill steal. Just because you initiated on that Brand and knocked off the first quarter of his health, that does not entitle you to that last hit.
Even if it did, there’s no way I can actually try and save that for you, since I just sent my ult at him, and weirdly, it killed him.
That’s right… I just dealt about 1500 damage to him in one hit, and your pretty little combo did the starting 500? So don’t go and scream ks, when I’m building to be pure anti mage, just so you don’t get your arse kicked because you’re not smart enough to build any magic resist. How about you handle all this AD crap after I stun them, and let me handle the rest of their team. It’s how teams work, okay :D

I went camping on Monday…

and now I have returned from the dark and scary forest back to my beautiful computer.
Just returning from the woods and seeing my beloved again was jizzworthy. I love you computer, now please let me play LoL on you until I can’t any more…

I have decided

 EUWest is great for when I want to play with my friends, but NA is where it’s at if you want nicer people. It’s just like real life.

I know, I know, there are always dicks on LoL, but there’s waaaaaaay less on NA.

So I have decided that my NA smurf needs to get to level 30. It’s only level 6 right now and I only actually own Veigar, Sivir and Nunu (since they’re my favourite’s anyway, and they’re cheaper than my mum)

Also, there are a hell of a lot cool people on LoL tag that might be nice enough to let me play with them from time to time. 

Any takers?

Regarding Jayce…

I have no real issue with Jayce. He’s really fun to play once you’ve got the hang of him (like most champs), the mechacnics are innovative, and he looks great.

My problem with Jayce isn’t the champ himself, it’s the way he’s appeared into LoL.

Look at it this way.
When they were going to bring out Hecarim, how much did they never shut up about it?
When they were bringing out Varus, how sick and tired did you get about hearing about him?
Don’t tell me you weren’t excited to hear about Darius and Draven, especially you Noxus fans.
All this build up to a 100th champion right… 

Then PF Ezreal comes out, and pretty much steals all the excitement away from Jayce. I love PF Ezreal, I wanted him for a long time, like all of us Ez players did. He really did steal Jayce’s thunder though (no pun intended… maybe)

I was excited about Jayce being brought out, but nowhere near as much as I should have been. Where was the hype? Where were the annoying amounts of promotion? 
It’s like they just churned him out. I literally woke up, went on LoL and went “oh Jayce is here, that’s cool I guess”

Nothing like other mornings that have happened
"Oh sweet, Draven’s finally here"
"Oh shit, there’s going to be sooooo many Varus players, I’ll never get to play him" 

Seriously, Jayce is an awesome champ, so why doesn’t he deserve all the hype he should’ve gotten, especially with him being the 100th Champion

I think the most I heard about the guy was from LoL tag, and even that wasn’t as much as the usual

Just had a troll Sejauni…

We had me as Ziggs, Irelia solo top, and Janna and Ashe on bot lane, with Sejauni jungling. We had a lot of slow on our team, which I thought was good since I could aim my ult a bit better.
So anyway, this Seajuni kept offering blue buff to Janna, me, and Irelia, and just as it was about to die, she stole it with smite, and laughed at us everytime.
Throughout that entire match, I only got one blue buff, and that’s because Sejauni was dead. 
"Why didn’t you just go get the enemy blue Rob? You so silly!"
Oh yeah, I forgot to say, she killed our blue, and immediately went and killed thiers at every opportunity, same with red. Yes, it deprived the enemy of buffs, but it also deprived us with buffs.
People on this damn game…